Why I love Audiobooks

Time is a luxury.

I never realized this fact before I had kids. I had no idea of the importance of time management and self-care. I was oblivious to the demands of parenthood and how much my life would change. Everyone in the world could have told me, but I never would have believed them. Such is the nature of becoming a first time parent.

After the birth of my two little ones, my reading life took a nose dive. I had absolutely zero time to read, and books consequently fell to the wayside. This literature drought left me feeling a void where normally creativity and imagination resided.

Flash forward four years, and I am back in a reading oasis. So what’s changed?

Wireless headphones helped to reinvigorate my love of literature.

After years of thinking that reading only meant hardcovers and comfy chairs, I have realized that reading takes many forms. Over the past year, I have began enjoying audio books which has completely changed my alignment with the literary world. Mobile applications like Audible, Hoopla and Libby have given me access to novels that I can listen to on the go.

I am a triathlete, so training provides me a lot of time to enjoy audio books. My daily schedule usually includes at least thirty minutes of running or an hour of cycling. This dedicated time can also be used to enjoy audio books as I cruise the streets during my workout. Cycling can be done inside on a stationary bike, so I can either read a hardcover or enjoy an audio book there as well.

In addition to this time, wireless headphones have allowed me to enjoy bestselling books like, “Circe” by Madeline Miller, and “The Last Romantics” by Tara Conklin while I’m doing laundry or even on the go in the car. Anything that entertains me while folding laundry is sacred in our house, because you know with twin girls we have mountains of laundry.

I still occasionally purchase a beautiful hardcover. I stop to open it, smell the book, and linger in the wonder that a new book provides. However, I have also learned to appreciate electronic books and audio books for the joy they bring as well. The accessibility of these formats allow for even more enjoyment of literature and that happiness is what it is all about.

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