Gordon Ramsay’s Healthy, Lean and Fit: Cookbook Review

Book: “Gordon Ramsay’s Healthy, Lean and Fit” by Gordon Ramsay 

Genre: Cookbook/ Health and Wellness 

Rating: 4+/5 Stars 

Gordon Ramsay is the famous chef from the TV show, “Hells Kitchen” where he mentors novice chefs through various means such as yelling insults and occasionally encouragement. In this cookbook, the expert chef provides recipes for healthy eating that can be created in home kitchens. It includes sections for: breakfast, lunch, supper and snacks. However, this book is a little different in the way that the recipes are divided. There are three different categories of recipes: healthy, lean and fit. The beginning of the book explains the differences between the categories. The healthy section focuses on lower fat and lower sugar foods. The lean content is concerned with limitations on calories and better for people that are minimizing their caloric intake. Finally, the fit category is more geared towards people who live active lifestyles like athletes. Accordingly, these recipes are higher in calories to fuel performance. 

The book format is easy to read and well set up. It is important to read the introduction though to truly appreciate all of the content. Readers would be remiss to skip this section as this is where Ramsay explains the book’s sections and how to approach these recipes. 

As a triathlete, the segment of the book that was the most meaningful for me was the “Fit” recipes. These food options sounded delicious and featured a range of vegetables and other fun ingredients that fuel performance. 

Recommendations: Don’t miss the chocolate peanut butter ice cream recipe in the fit section of the book! 

Blogger’s Note: You’ll want to have a food processor on hand for a bunch of the recipes found in this book, so keep that in mind. If you don’t have one, you may want to either get one or choose a different cookbook. 


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