Summer Reading: A Poolside Update

Summer has always been a time for me filled with fun reads and relaxation! As a teacher, I’ve been blessed to have my summer breaks continue in my adult life! Over the past month or so, I’ve been diving into fun reads while disconnecting from the constant stress of life. With so many different things going on right now, the escapism was a much needed break!

This summer, I’ve leaned into fun romance reads and other genres that I don’t typically pick up like horror. This change in literary content has revitalized my zest for reading and allowed me to simply enjoy the process of digging into a new book. Some of the books I’ve picked up include: “Mexican Gothic” and other books like “Bound By Shadows” and “Sorry Not Sorry.”


In terms of the romances, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the diversity of the stories and the unique characters. Previously, I had brushed off the romance genre as boring. However, this summer has really shown me that there are some terrific bright spots within the genre that shouldn’t be missed.

One of the troubles I’ve had with romance novels in the past is that they tend to depict female protagonists as lost or needing help. This “damsel in distress” version of women is something I am just not interested in. Discovering books within the genre that are contrary to this bland and deprecating portrayal of women has given me faith that there are some great pieces of romance literature out there. So the search continues!

Summer reading for me so far has brought me into the woods of Michigan, the rural parts of Mexico and the British Isle. I can’t wait to see where it takes me next!

Happy Reading!

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