“100 Cookies” Book Review


Book: “100 Cookies” by Sarah Kieffer

Genre: Dessert Cookbook

Rating: 5/5 Stars

Author Sarah Kieffer has created the quintessential baking book in her latest baking book entitled, “100 Cookies.” The author of the famous Vanilla Bean Blog is now serving up delicious recipes for classic cookies, brownies, dessert bars, homemade ice cream and more!

As a novice baker, I approached this book with caution. Would it be too difficult for me to replicate overly complicated instructions? I was so relieved to find that not only are Sarah Kieffer’s recipes simple and straightforward but her writing is also very easy to follow. Reading her baking book feels like chatting with an old friend you’ve known since childhood. She makes these recipes accessible while maintaining a completed product that will mesmerize even your most difficult to please taste buds!


Our family has already dug into the Snickerdoodles, the Chocolate Sugar Cookies and the Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies and we have loved them all! This is the baking book that everyone needs in their kitchen!

Author Sarah Kieffer has really delivered a fabulous product in the form of this baking book. She has addressed every detail that a reader could possibly want, including a handcrafted music playlist! So if you’re looking for some tunes to play while baking, look no further! Check out the back of the book and visit the link provided! The only thing left to do after you purchase this book is get to baking!

Recommendation: Pick up a copy and don’t forget to check out the extras section! It has some delicious bonus recipes like the No-Churn Ice Cream. Enjoy!

Happy Reading and Baking!

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