“Dogstrology” Book Review

Book: “Dogstrology” by Luna Malcolm

Genre: Astrology

Rating: 5/5 Paws (Stars for us humans)

Blogger’s Note: Thank you to Grand Central Publishing for the free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review!

This super cute pint sized book was such an unexpected treat! “Dogstrology” by Luna Malcolm is a smaller sized coffee table book clocking in around six inches tall that discussed basic astrology. What sets this one apart from the pack is the connection between astrology and man’s best friend, dogs! The book explores the Zodiac and provides readers with interesting advice, tips and even the ideal breed for their perfect canine companion.

This book is filled cover to cover with adorable dog pictures and fun little astrology tidbits. The book was definitely written with the reading dog lover in mind! If you are more of a cat person, I’d suggest that you take a look at the companion book called, “Catstrology” by the same author.

Whether you follow the zodiac signs closely or not, these adorable pups are sure to find their way into your heart!

Recommendations: This is a must read for anyone who loves doggies!

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