Cozying up with “Hygge” Reads

Book: “Hygge: The Danish Art of Happiness” by Marie Tourell Soderberg

Genre: Design/Self-Help

Rating: 5/5 Stars

Foremost: I wanted to throw a review in this post for the above mentioned book. I really enjoyed this one. I picked up a copy of “Hygge” from the local library. I’ve been in search of some reading that would help to lighten my soul and lift my spirits and this book was exactly what I had been searching for!

The book centers on the Danish concept of “hygge” which essentially boils down to finding happiness in the little things in life. The non-fiction book dives into the different aspects of life and examines them through the “hygge” lens while providing readers with suggestions on little things they can do to bring happiness into their own lives.

This book really celebrates individuality while pulling on common threads that all members of humanity share. Beautifully captured photos illustrate moments of joy, cozy conversations and the beauty that can be found in everyday life.

Simply put, this book was excellent. I highly recommend it and I have already ordered my own copy since I’m feeling sad I’ll have to return this library book soon!

Inspired by the author Marie Tourell Soderberg, I’ve created a short personal list of “Hyyge” items below that bring everyday happiness into my life. I’m sharing this list for two reasons: as a way to recognize them but also to remind myself of their significance.

Top 5 Go-To Hygge Items

1. Sweaters

Sweaters are my comfort clothing item. Even in South Florida- in times of stress, I find myself reaching for a sweater and cranking that air conditioning up! I love a good chunky, soft, cozy sweater! There is nothing better than a long sleeve sweater to sink into and snuggle up in!

2. Books

This one should have been an easy guess… this is a book blog after all right? Hygge to me is a good ole’ fashioned book shelf filled with previously loved titles. Perusing a stack of gorgeous hardcover books with that book smell (if you’re a bookish person… you know what I mean!) is an instant mood lifter! No e-readers here though! For me, it has to be a physical copy of a book to truly escape into that “Hygge” state of mind!

3. Neutral Color Home Decor

Yes, some people find it boring… but I love our simple color schemed home! Whites, creams, beige and taupe, you won’t find any super bright colors in our home. (With the exception of our green plants) Entering a house with a neutral color scheme keeps me calm, relaxed and leaves me feeling happy.

4. Music

Music is a large part of our family. We spend a lot of time enjoying different types of music but the ones that really put me into my relaxed state of mind include jazz. Piano, saxophone and the trumpet are usually my favorites to listen to while hanging around the house and reading, chatting with friends or making memories with family. I also love pairing music and books. Want to see what I like to listen to while I read? Click here!

5. Coffee

Relaxing and chatting over a great cup of coffee definitely falls within the realm of happiness. No matter where the coffee is being consumed… the slow and meaningful enjoyment that can come from a cup of coffee can be so rejuvenating! As a parent, these rare quiet moments can be few and far in between, but I do know that when the quiet is gone, as it inevitably always is, my heart is more prepared to be filled up again with the joy that comes from being around little ones.

Happy (Hygge!) Reading!

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