“In A Holidaze” Book Review

Book: “In a Holidaze” by Christina Lauren

Genre: Holiday Romance

Rating: 3+/5 Stars

This one is a simple holiday read. Christina Lauren provides a basic “Groundhog Day” story where the main character gets to relive her holiday vacation over and over. She figures out that she needs to attempt to get this Christmas right if she is going to save the vacation home that her family and friends have spent years traveling to and making memories in. To make matters interesting, there (of course) is a love story thrown in there and plenty of comedic moments as well.

I’d say this one was just an average read. The writing was easy to understand, clear and concise but the main character was somewhat annoying and the storyline was predictable. Also, the time loop trope has been done before and felt tired to me. However, I read this one just before Christmas, so the timing was impeccable and that holiday element made me enjoy it a little more. However, other than some Christmas nostalgia vibes… this book was entertaining but nothing spectacular.

Recommendations: This book would be a good addition to a holiday shelf or for someone seeking out a holiday themed read.

Blogger’s Note: This is such a special time of year. 2020 sure has been a challenging time for a lot of people, but whoever you are… where ever you are… I’m wishing you a wonderful holiday season filled with joy, warmth and great books!

Happy Reading!

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