Mountain Getaway: Reading Updates!

The Farmhouse Café in Sylva, North Carolina

The last few weeks have been oh so good. Our family packed up and headed to the Great Smoky Mountains and we’ve been hiking, laughing and reading together against the beautiful outdoorsy backdrop.

I wanted to write a quick note and share what we’ve been reading and loving!

I’ve been reading “Seven Days in June” which is absolutely phenomenal! It was written by Tia Williams and is a romance/drama. This book isn’t a typical lighthearted romance. It covers some very sensitive and serious topics, and that has made me appreciate it even more. I’m completely invested in the characters and the writing is incredibly smart. Here’s one of my favorite quotes from the book so far…

“You burst into my solitude, demanding to be seen. You were overwhelming. Just wild and weird and brilliant, and I never had a choice. I liked everything about you.”

Tia Williams- “Seven Days in June”

While I’ve been obsessively reading this book (I can’t put it down!) my kiddos have been enjoying two amazing picture books from Sourcebook Kids.

They’ve been asking to read: “Cannonball” and “Except Antarctica” over and over again!

“Cannonball” hits on the topics of confidence and individuality while “Except Antarctica” provides animal information in a fun and unique way! Both books are easy to read, engaging and super enjoyable for children and adults alike!

Other than reading, we’ve been exploring the small towns around Bryson City, NC. Our kiddos are becoming pastry aficionados (which might not be the best thing- haha) while my husband and I try out various coffee spots. The picture above was take at The Farmhouse which is a beautiful café and store located in Sylva, North Carolina. We visited yesterday and the coffee and atmosphere was amazing! Our little ones enjoyed a game of chess (they are just starting to learn) while the adults had some coffee and chatted.

Wishing you and yours a peaceful and book filled summer.

Happy Reading!

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