Sisterhood of the Traveling Book: Update One

What do you get when you put together six women who love reading, sprinkle them across the United States and ask them to invent a way to share the books they love?

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Book!

A group of my Bookstagram pals and I have created a book train where we each picked our favorite book and we mail it to another person in the group. Once per month, we receive a beloved book from a group member, read it and then pass it along through the mail to the next member.

Rotation One: “1984”

So far, I have enjoyed two rotations. The first book I received was from Kristine, and it was “1984” which is a classic book. I had never read it before, so it was fabulous to receive it in the mail and finally dedicate sometime to this iconic novel.

Rotation Two: “Bear Town”

The second rotation came from another member named Allison. She sent a novel that I can’t wait to read, “Bear Town” by Fredrik Backman. I have enjoyed other books by this author, but have never read this one.

While we reading the books, members have been leaving notes in the margins, including special bookmarks and enjoying the camaraderie that stems from sharing loved stories. We have an online rolling chat so we can share feedback instantly and talk about the bookish moments that move us.

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Book has been heartwarming so far and I am so excited to see what comes in the mail next month!

Happy Reading!

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