Vice City Bean- Coffee Spot

Latte with Oat Milk

Vice City Bean is a coffee spot located at 1657 N. Miami Avenue near Wynwood in the City of Miami. The shop has an industrial feel to it as it is located within a large building called the “Filling Station Lofts.” The space is open, light, warm and inviting. The staff is helpful, kind and willing to answer questions if you aren’t sure what you’d like to order.

The coffee menu is varied and includes a scrumptious looking cappuccino, flavored lattes and cortados, but they also serve a collection of teas and coffee alternatives like Chai. Not a dairy drinker? Don’t worry! They serve a variety of “milks” including my personal favorite, oat milk. Yum!

In an effort to try something new (okay… it didn’t take much convincing) I tried all of their donuts. Haha, yes all of them! Vice City Bean offers a Matcha, Red Velvet and Rosewater donut.

All the donuts were tasty but it was the Rosewater donut for the win!

It was a perfectly sweetened donut that reminded me of a spring day with a cool breeze and the light perfume of fresh roses! It sounds odd and I was skeptical at first, but man it was delicious!



Tip: The Famous El Bagel food truck that serves up Miami’s best bagels is a regular outside Vice City Bean. Coincidence? I think not! Get both!

Order Recommendations: Oat Milk Latte with a Rosewater Donut

Book Pairing: “The Death and Life of Great American Cities” Written by Jane Jacobs

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