5 Tips on How to Achieve Your 2019 Reading Goal

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So many people start the New Year with aspirations of taking on monumental tasks like lifestyle changes, improved habits or perhaps reading more books. No matter what your reading goal is for this upcoming year, here are some tips to help you reach the finish line.

  1. Write down your reading goal.

    Whether it is in a notebook, in an application on your phone or even on the Goodreads website, writing down your goal will help you to remember it and will remind you to continually work on it.

  2. Choose your number of books.

    Making your goal specific with the number of books you want to read is going to help you to complete the task successfully. Don’t know where to start? How many books did you read last year? Try and improve upon that number.

  3. Tell a friend.

    Sharing your plan with someone will give you the support you need. Friends can encourage you, ask for updates on your reading goal and provide someone to chat with about all of the amazing books you’re reading!

  4. Plan your reading schedule.

    When will you be doing this extra reading? Write out a general schedule and pencil in time dedicated to sitting down with a good book. Make sure that you have allocated the time and try to adhere to that plan.

  5. Choose your books!

    Create your “To Be Read” list. Include all of the books you’ve been dying to read. If you don’t have any ideas, that’s okay. There are plenty of book lists out there. In fact, I have one on this blog that you can visit just to get started!

No matter the reason why you set this reading goal for yourself, don’t forget to enjoy the process! Need some support along the way? Need some recommendations? Need ideas for a coffee spot to chill and read? I’m here! Feel free to visit the Contact page on the blog and send me a message and I’ll be sure to help you in whatever way I can. Happy Reading!

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