2019 Must Reads

A new calendar year and a fresh list of book releases that will make your heart swoon! Check out these new releases scheduled for 2019. There are so many, but these are the top 5 that I can’t wait to read!

“The Raven Tower” Author: Ann Leckie (2/26/2019)

The raven tower.jpg

This fiction novel is a fantasy about gods and men and when they clash with each other. The “Raven” is a god that controls the city, but when he starts to weaken, the people side with other gods and try to usurp the current ruler.

“American Spy” Author: Lauren Wilkinson (2/12/2019)

American Spy.jpg

This novel centers around a black woman in the FBI and tells her story as she takes on a large assignment where she must insinuate herself with a dangerous leader in order to solve the  case. Fans of fiction and/or spy novels will love this one!

“Black Leopard, Red Wolf” Author: Marlon James (2/5/2019)

BLack Leopard Red Wolf.jpg

This fantasy is the first in a planned trilogy about a hunter searching for a lost little boy. This story is based on African myths and legends and is sure to please those readers who favor fantasy.

“The Lost Girls of Paris” Author: Pam Jenoff (2/5/2019)

Lost girls of paris.jpg

This novel details the lives of women during the 1940s who worked as spies in Europe. Friendship, emotions, betrayal… this is going to be a “can’t put it down” type of book!

“When We Left Cuba” Author: Chanel Cleeton (4/9/2019)

When we left cuba.jpg

This historical fiction novel is based on a woman exiled from Cuba. Being from Miami, this novel hits close to home and is sure to be an interesting read.

Already have some books in mind for this upcoming year? Perfect! Now is the time to set your reading goal and get started! For more information on how to achieve your reading goal, visit this page! Enjoy and Happy Reading!

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