Pink Pie- Coffee Spot


This week I ventured out to Pink Pie located in the Wynwood neighborhood of Miami, Florida. This coffee spot is best known for it’s delicious and oh-so-perfectly flavored three inch mini pies. With constant flavors like Key Lime Pie and Oreo Nutella, this fun shop was right up my alley.

Pink Pie has a fun, friendly and inviting vibe to it. With seating arrangements that include larger group tables and an interesting double decker bench feature, this place was made to socialize and engage.

With so many pie flavors to choose from, it took our group a few minutes to decide what to order. The staff was super friendly and offered some great suggestions! I had the Key Lime, Guava Cheese and the Coconut Dulce de Leche pies. All of them were good, but the Key Lime Pie was my favorite. There’s something poetic about the sweet and tart balance that Executive Chef Michael McGowan has created.


I followed the delectable desserts with a smooth oat milk latte which left me feeling both happy and fully satisfied as if it had filled some void that I didn’t even know I previously had.

“As I watched my friends socializing over the perfect pairing of coffee and pie, I realized that this place was something truly special.”

Tip: At three dollars a pie, grab a box and try a bunch! Splurge and enjoy!

Order Recommendations: Oat Milk Latte and Key Lime Mini Pie

Book Pairing: “Would You Rather” By: David Gomberg






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