5 Reasons Why Libraries are Still Relevant


In today’s world where patrons are more likely to pick up an e-book instead of a paper based novel, some people have forgotten completely about the public library system. For them, gone are the days of drifting through the library aisles in search of biographies, novels and periodicals. With the innovative technology available these days, the library seems antiquated and stagnant, right? If you would have asked me a year ago, that’s exactly what I would have said, but I would have been wrong.

Miami Dade Public Library- South Miami Branch

With the changing times and new waves of technology, libraries have faced this adversity and rebranded themselves accordingly. Here are the top five reasons why your local library is the best kept secret your inner book lover needs.


1. Free E-Books and Audiobooks! 

Yes, libraries have come a long way. Now, patrons can download titles in electronic and audiobook formats directly onto their smart phones and go! The same service from audible.com is $14.99 per month, but with your local library it’s free!


2. Free classes for lifelong learners!

Photo Source: @miamidadepubliclibrary

Libraries are offering community classes from basketweaving to foreign languages. The Miami Dade Public Library System for example hosts classes daily and every age is accounted for in the class line up. Practical skills like resume writing and interviewing are taught along with more recreational courses like arts and crafts, gaming and photography.


3. Free museum passes!

Want to go somewhere like a local museum? Know before you go! Check in with your local library and inquire if they have museum passes for check out. The Miami Dade Public Library System for example has a pass for a family of four which can be checked out and used to secure entry into 14 different local museums and attractions. Want to see the full list of Miami Dade County Pass Partners? Click here for more information!


4. Free art exhibitions and collections!

Art installations and special events are hosted throughout the year at public libraries. Some collections of art are permanently on display while others are visiting and change accordingly. Community members are invited to come and enjoy the exhibits and learn as much or as little as they would like. Content is diverse and presented in various styles, everything from watercolors to performing arts are available for enjoyment at no cost.


5. Free space to sit, relax and enjoy a good book!

Yes, an oldie but a goodie. The library still provides an excellent oasis for patrons where peace and quiet are located in abundance. Enter through the doors of your local library and unplug for a while. Find a well loved book, a new literary companion or download some free music and enjoy the solitude that these safe havens provide. Have a a family with young kids? Come visit the Children’s section and let your family enjoy lifelong literacy together. Looking for something more solitary? Curl up in a comfortable chair in a corner between the stacks of novels and unwind.

How you use the public library system is completely up to you, but with so many different reasons to go, a library is one place that should not be overlooked!

” I have found the most valuable thing in my wallet is my library card.”

– Laura Bush

One thought on “5 Reasons Why Libraries are Still Relevant

  1. When I lived in Burbank, I used to love visiting the Public Library. It was great for Research Papers, but also to find some books I wanted to read instead of spending money buying waves and waves of new books. Great post! 🙂

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