OTL Coffee Review

In the heart of the design district, OTL is a trendy, but down to earth cafe serving up Counter Culture Coffee with a splash of design elegance. With the motto “Eat, Drink & Relax All Day” this cafe is crafting a great cup of coffee and allows patrons to kick back and take a few stolen moments to slow down and unwind how they see fit.

Traditional Latte with Almond Milk

With a drink menu that includes espresso drinks, fresh juices and an assortment of teas, OTL hits all the necessities for different preferences.

The current batch of coffee beans are a blend of South American beans resulting in a layered taste with a mellow acidity that lends itself to a full and satisfying cup of coffee.

Food items include small breakfast plates, baked goods, sandwiches and salads. I ordered a standard breakfast burrito with my latte. The food was good but the coffee was the high note of the visit. I didn’t partake in the baked goods, but they looked delicious!

As I sat and listed to my book on tape enjoying my breakfast, the cafe filled up with different groups of people. The groups all seemed jovial, talkative and friendly albeit very different from one another. This refreshing blend of backgrounds was another high point of the visit. OTL truly lived up their phrase of “Everyone Welcome.”

Tip: Come first thing in the morning when they open and watch as people file in. The diversity and styles walking through the door make this cafe vibrant.

Order Recommendations: Banana Quinoa Muffin with an almond milk latte

Book Recommendations: “Seeing Slowly” Written by Michael Findlay

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