Currently Reading: “The Last Romantics”

Last Romantics
Currently Reading: “The Last Romantics” Written By: Tara Conklin

As I was browsing the Miami-Dade Public Library HOOPLA phone application, I came across this audiobook. I have been seeing “The Last Romantics” written by Tara Conklin in my social media feed a lot recently as it was just released on February 5th, 2019. With all of the repetition fresh in my mind, I clicked on this book and started it a few days ago.

“The Last Romantics” is a novel about the Skinner family which is a collection of four children and a mother who is widowed in the beginning of the book. The story follows the four kids and tells the story of their experiences as they deal with loss, grief, childhood antics and love.

After a few chapters, the author has already done a wonderful job of detailing the different attitudes and characteristics of each of the siblings. Also, the book has captured my attention early on by providing a different look into grief and loss through the eyes of a child. This perspective is often overlooked and I find it invaluable as an adult that works with younger students.

This is not a book that I would have typically picked up, but something in the universe pushed this book into my hands, and I am already happy that it did. Once this book is completed, I’ll post a full review under the review tab!

Till then, Happy Reading!


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