Madruga Bakery: Coffee Spot


Walking into Madruga Bakery feels a bit like stepping back in time. This bakery located in Coral Gables Florida, is a bit of soul and sunshine with a tone of vintage sepia that brings the customer back to easier times. The rustic bakery hosts a selection of craft breads, pastries and an ideal coffee bar menu.

Upon entering Madruga, patrons will encounter a wide open space filled with the bustle of employees carrying breads, sweets and creating handcrafted cups of coffee from the espresso machine. The coffee beans served come from Counter Culture Coffee out of Durham, North Carolina.

When I visited Madruga Bakery, my husband and I stopped in to check it out and have a quick coffee. We ended up picking a few things from the menu and staying to enjoy a few quiet moments together at the bakery. We both asked for lattes, mine with almond milk and his with regular milk. In addition to lunch and coffee, we included a few sweets in our order. The carrot cake was my favorite bakery item out of everything that we tried.


Order Recommendation: Traditional latte or an iced coffee during the summer months. Don’t forget to grab a piece of Carrot Cake if it is being served or a lemon polenta cake if you have a taste for tart items.

Book Pairing: “The Last Romantics” by Tara Conklin

Music Pairing: Mumford and Sons

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