The Salty Donut “Smoked Cortado”


The Salty Donut is an artisanal donut shop located in Miami, FL. With hand crafted batches of donuts like “Maple Bacon” and “Guava and Cheese” this local hotspot has created a cult following and taken over the South Florida market as the number one donut shop.

The Salty Donut base recipe is a 24 hour brioche that is soft and delicious. No wonder everyone flocks from miles around to pick up the morning’s fresh batch! What is even more impressive though is their seasonal menu. The Salty Donut offers a changing seasonal selection of items from donuts to coffee. A few weeks ago, this seasonal menu began to offer a “Smoked Cortado” and hence my life will never be the same.

The barista started with an oak plank and a torch. He roasted the plank with a small handheld torch and flipped the coffee glass on top of the charred portion to capture all of the smoke. After a few minutes, the black cat espresso was poured in with milk and topped with applewood smoked sea salt.

It was simply delicious! The flavor profile was a perfect balance of sweet and salty. With the creaminess of the cortado lovingly cleansed by the sea salt topping. The smoked flavor brought me back to summer campfires and good times with great friends.

As is the standard, I snagged a sweet treat along with the coffee. The strawberry shortcake donut was amazing. (Oh and I brought a box of 6 more home)

For my coffee lovers out there, this unique offering is worth the drive! Take a trip down to the Salty Donut and enjoy their “Smoked Cortado” but you better hurry because this seasonal item won’t be around long!

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