Vacation Coffee: Tips to Finding the Perfect Cup

There is something magical about vacations. Leaving the stress of everyday life behind and cruising into a new location seems like an ideal way to unwind. Whether you head for the beach, the mountains, or even enjoy a “staycation” when you take off work but stay home, exploring is essential.

Lining up your adventure game plan can help you to make the most out of any trip and finding new places has never been easier. Below, I’ve listed five things that I like to do when planning for a trip to ensure that my coffee needs are met!

1. Start a List of Potential Coffee Spots


Do some research and find some local places you may want to try out. Yelp is an easy mobile application that allows you to sift through businesses ranging from restaurants to shopping and everything in between. When searching, use “Coffee and Tea” which will give you a list of all the local coffee spots along with reviews from previous patrons.

2. Find a Local Coffee Roaster


Coffee roasting is the science and art of taking coffee beans and heating them to bring out the rich aroma and complex taste profile. Local roasters should be your first stop to finding great coffee. Some roasters offer tours and classes to visitors. Others will be able to tell you where their coffee is served locally and give you a better idea of the coffee scene in the area.

3. Search Social Media


Yes, social media has its place in the search for the ultimate coffee spot. Instagram, Facebook and twitter can all be used to ask questions, get feedback on coffee shops and find a few spots that you’d like to try while you’re on vacation. You can try searching by location on Instagram, ask for recommendations on Facebook or search Twitter to create your list of good spots.

4. Ask a local


It seems like common sense, but the best way to get insider information is to go straight to the source. Ask locals about the coffee scene. If you’ve just arrived in town, ask at restaurants, the hotel or even better… a coffee shop! People that hangout in coffee shops usually have a short list of favorite places.

5. Take Your Favorite Coffee With You

French press

Going off the grid? No Problem! French Press travel mugs allow you to take your favorite ground coffee and brew up your own cup in minutes. All you need to do is add hot water and push down the filter plunger when you’re ready.

Where ever you decide to go, find some local coffee spots and have fun exploring!

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