“The Cruel Prince” Book Review

Rating: 4/5 Stars

“The Cruel Prince” by Holly Black is a young adult fantasy novel that delivers all the classic components necessary to keep me turning pages late into the night. Holly Black creates the fantasy world of Faerie that most humans are oblivious to. Jude was one of those people, until a stranger shows up to her home, kills her parents and takes her and her sisters back to this mythical land. Now Jude must find her own way in this new land filled with magic.

Author Holly Black does an excellent job of illustrating the world of Faerie through her descriptive language and beautiful imagery. A great fantasy novel takes the reader on a journey where they become fully immersed in a new land that departs from reality. This book does exactly that!

I found myself cheering for the main character Jude and sitting on the edge of my seat reading about the obstacles she needs to overcome. With treachery, deception and bloodshed laced into the novel, this book will appeal to more mature readers as well as young adult literature connoisseurs.

I would be remiss if I did not mention that Jude finds herself mixed up in the high court of Faerie. The relationships that develop there are complex, intertwined and positively marvelous. I devoured this book and although it was a simple read, it left me hungry for the sequel! The second installment of the series has already been released and is entitled “Wicked King.”

Recommendations: Pick up this book if you are a YA fan or if you enjoy fantasy!

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