Currently Reading “Black Leopard Red Wolf”

black leopard red wolf

The novel, “Black Leopard Red Wolf” by Marlon James is the first installment in the new Dark Star trilogy. This fantasy and historical fiction story follows the main character Tracker as he searches for a missing child. From dense jungles to ancient cities, Tracker searches for the young boy and encounters unusual individuals along the way as he hunts for the truth.

With roots strong in African history, the story is written with a sheen of mythology. The book is authored in a voice that is remnant of African rhythmic story telling and it encapsulates the reader immediately. The action starts with an attempted murder and dangerous characters lurking on every page. The main character Tracker has his work cut out for him if he is to find the boy and survive to tell the tale. The novel, “Black Leopard Red Wolf” by Marlon James is slightly longer than a typical fiction book at 640 pages but has been compared to Tolkien’s work, “Lord of the Rings”. I have just started this one, but I am already hooked!

Once this book is completed, I’ll post a full review under the review tab!

Till then, Happy Reading!


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