Currently Reading “American Spy”

“American Spy” written by Lauren Wilkinson

“American Spy” opens in 1986 and focuses on Marie Mitchell, a young black woman working in the FBI. As a minority in the workplace, Marie faces the contempt of her coworkers and is usually buried in paperwork rather than given important assignments. She continues to work tirelessly as an intelligence officer and is eventually given an opportunity to work on a special task force. The operation will require her to undermine one of the most key political figures of the Cold War era. Marie is up to the challenge, but this journey will change everything she knows about espionage, family and love.

Greetings bookworms. I just started this novel and I am hooked already!

Spy novels are not a typical genre of mine, but since this book was compared to Le Carre’s work and had a female lead character, I opted to pick it up. The first chapter features an action sequence that left me breathless and desperately turning pages to find out what happens.

The main character Marie is relatable, intelligent and strong. The author wrote the book from Marie’s point of view, so the reader receives not only the dialogue from interactions but also hears Marie’s thoughts and feelings as well. As a young black woman in the FBI, Marie starts her job as an outsider and faces different challenges than the rest of the agents. Her perspective is meaningful and insightful and provides a different twist on the typical spy novel.

Once this book is completed, I’ll post a full review under the review tab!

Till then, Happy Reading!


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