Cecile Bakery & Café: Coffee Spot

Cecile Bakery & Café : South Miami, FL

Last weekend on a lazy Saturday stroll in South Miami, my family and I stumbled upon this quaint little café called “Cecile Bakery and Café.” Initially, we were a little hesitant to go in. Within the past few years there has been a stream of companies in this space and nothing has really resounded within the community. However, the promise of a hot chai and a latte for my husband convinced us and we opted to walk in and experience this charming place.

Cecile Bakery and Café is beautifully decorated with blue, white and natural wood tones. The vibe of the space is relaxed, inviting and slightly vintage kitchen. It is almost as if the patron has stepped into a minimalist French kitchen with a master barista preparing coffee and a chef ready to whip up your favorite dish with an elegant sophistication.


Cecile offers a full espresso bar as well as some tea options like chai and matcha lattes. I settled on a hot chai latte that had fresh cinnamon sprinkled on top. My husband opted for a regular latte which was excellently delicious as well. Both warm drinks came in these beautiful glass mugs that looked fabulous because they showed the layers of coffee/tea and foam. Sometimes glass mugs get too hot to hold, but these were clearly well insulated because I could cup the mug in my hands and it was the perfect temperature. As a bonus, latte art is just a wonderful looking addition to any coffee and I was pleased to see it as our hand crafted drinks arrived at our table.

Overall our trip was excellent! We missed out on the bakery which offers a full dessert display case that looked amazing. We will be going back soon and sampling some of those yummy offerings!

Recommendations: Go with a friend or loved one on a day where you can linger and enjoy the food, coffee and a great conversation.

Ordering tip: Feeling like a small snack? A latte with a traditional coconut macaroon will hit the spot. In a hungrier state? Go for the avocado toast and ask for extra salad. The arugula is perfectly balanced!






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