5 Tips for Maximizing Vacation Reading

Vacation is meant to be a respite from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. What better way is there to disconnect than to grab a new book and get lost in a great story.

Whether your choice reading material is nonfiction biographies or fantasy novels, here are 5 ways to maximize your vacation reading.

1. Think about the vibe of your vacation.

Are you headed to the beach and looking to relax? Find the perfect literary pairing by choosing reading material that will put you at ease and help you to unwind. Opting for more of an adventurous trip like hiking in the jungle? Then perhaps choosing a more fast paced book will be more suiting for your reading needs. 

2. Look for some inspiration!

What would you like to read? If you have a To Be Read list already, then let’s choose one off that list! Need some new ideas? You can head to your local bookstore, check the bestseller lists or peruse some book club lists like Oprah’s or Reese Witherspoon’s.

3. Choose how you want to read.

What medium would you prefer on your vacation? Looking to disconnect completely and ditch the electronics? Then perhaps a classic paperback is for you. Would you rather bring a bunch of different books, magazines or newspapers? Then you can opt for an e-reader and save some valuable suitcase space!

4. Secure and pack your reading material.

This might mean a trip to the local bookstore, an order on amazon or heading to your local library! If you’re an e-reader, don’t forget to download all your reading materials and pack your device charger!

5. Dedicate some of your vacation time to reading.

It’s easy to overbook your schedule with tours, events and meals. Don’t forget to save time for relaxation and uninterrupted reading. Also to note, some of the best times to read are spur of the moment. Bringing along a small book or e-reader can allow for some spontaneity in terms of reading! If you happen to find a fabulous spot to read, why not just take a seat and stay a while and enjoy your book? You are on vacation after all!

PS. One of my favorite things to do is explore the location where I’m vacationing and find some cozy spots to read. Whether it’s a local coffee shop or a bay window in a hotel, finding a good spot to settle in and read is essential!

Wishing you a wonderful vacation! Happy Reading!

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