Reading for Stress Relief: 5 Quarantine Book Recommendations

Dear Friends,

The last few weeks have been brutal.

Between this global Coronavirus pandemic and homeschooling twin 5 year olds, life has been straight up stressful. It seems that everywhere I look online there is more bad news and that negativity is heavy.

However, during this time of turmoil I have found something else as well. In between English lessons and homecooked meals, I’ve been able to carve out some “me” time. As a mom with a full time job, life is constantly in motion. With the tasks of getting the kids up and ready for school, working my day job and then doing home work and reading before bed, life can be one huge chaotic mess.

As a result of this forced period of social distancing, time has slowed. We don’t have to hurry to get ready in the morning. We can take our time through family meals and really enjoy these moments. In addition, I finally have some time to dig in to a few wonderful books! My “To Be Read” list is quite extensive, so I am dedicating some time to catching up and trying as best as possible to decompress. Here are a couple of the books that I can’t wait to get immersed in:

  1.  Things in Jars: By Jess Kid
  2.  In Five Years: By Rebecca Serle
  3.  The Impossible Climb: By Mark Synnott
  4.  A Long Petal of the Sea: By Isabel Allende
  5.  Untamed: By Glennon Doyle

Books make me hopeful, happy and more relaxed. With a few literary companions, I’m ready to tackle life as we currently know it… and I hope you will be too. So find a good spot at home, cozy up to a fabulous book and try to relax.

Happy Reading.


PS: Thank you to all of the healthcare heroes and public service personnel that are working so diligently to help keep everyone as safe and healthy as possible.



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