Little Bookworm Review: “How Big is Your Brave?”

“How Big is Your Brave” by Ruth Soukup received from NetGalley

Little Bookworm Rating: 4/5 Stars

“How Big is Your Brave” by Ruth Soukup is an adorable children’s book about how to overcome fears in order to follow your dreams. The story follows Zippy, a young bunny who desperately wants to become an astronaut. She finds out about a “Space Camp” but feels nervous about joining the other animals who look bigger and smarter. Will she face her fear? Will she successfully navigate “Space Camp?”

This book is endearing and inspiring. Soukup creates cute characters that children and adults alike will love. The author takes two to three great pieces of advice and weaves them into the story in a natural and authentic way. Themes of accountability and attitude are well presented and written in a manner that all generations of readers will enjoy.

The one thing that I did not particularly like was the formatting of the book. I found that the text was smaller than it felt like it should be. Most children’s books have larger font to allow for an easier reading experience. I would have enjoyed the book more with that minor change. However, overall this book knocked it out of the park! My kids and I both enjoyed the fact that it was about a girl bunny interested in a STEM field! My girls love learning about Outer Space, so it feels like this book was written just for us! We loved it!

Recommendations: Age range will vary for this book. If you have time to explain the more advanced concepts, give it a go with a younger audience. (4-6 years old) Older kids ages 7+ will probably have an easier time understanding the material with less sidebar discussions.

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