5 Qualities of an Ideal Reading Spot

Finding the perfect spot to read is essential in truly enjoying a good book. If you choose your location wisely, you can become fully immersed in the book regardless of the time, day of the week or stressors that always seem to consistently pile up. In today’s tension filled climate, it can be difficult to find that ever elusive slice of solace. However with a little ingenuity and mindfulness, a great reading nook can be found anywhere! 

So let’s get started. What are the five things to consider when choosing where to read?

1. Sound


The sounds around us play a large role in our mood, energy and most importantly our ability to relax! If you want to sink into a good book and disconnect for a while, background noise is critical. Some people need complete silence while reading. Others may delight in the hustling and bustling noise found in their local coffee house. As a reader, you know yourself best. Find a space where you will feel at ease with the sounds around you. Personally, I have always loved background music while reading! Books are magical in their own right, but when paired with great music… it is heavenly! Click here to see a list of music albums that can elevate your reading experience!   

2. Temperature


Yes, that’s right. Temperature plays a large role in your body’s ability to relax. Concentrating on reading can be difficult if you are too hot or too cold. Some people may feel more comfortable reading outside when the weather is nice and warm while others prefer to be nestled up under a down comforter. There isn’t a rule as to the perfect temperature but usually standard temperatures indoors range in the 70s. Personally I veer towards colder temperatures as I love being snuggled up in a cozy sweater when diving into a great book. 

3. Food and Beverage Options


Arguably the most important of all the things to consider when choosing a great reading spot. People who are hungry or thirsty tend to lose focus. It is more difficult to be fully present and immersed in your current read if you’re wondering how many minutes till mealtime. In this category, the options to create your perfect reading spot are endless. Coffee shops offer a vast variety of drinks and snacks. Similarly, patisseries can curb the sweet tooth while allowing a space for sitting and reading. At home, food and drink can be prepared to personalized specifications and all without changing out of your pajamas! There is a multitude of options at your disposal, just make sure you take the time to consider this when choosing your reading spot. 

4. Distractions


Distractions are plentiful in this day and age. People are moving from location to location at a neck breaking pace, all while chugging a coffee and yelling animatedly into a cell phone. There is always something to do, something to see and we are constantly bombarded by a plethora of stimuli. Reading can be a much needed break from the continual motion. When choosing a place to read, try and minimize the amount of interruptions that you will face. Don’t be afraid to unplug, place your focus on your reading material. You’ve earned a break, so take it!

5. Time of Day

img_7126There is a percentage of people who wake up first thing in the morning exploding with sunshine and happiness. Yes, they exist! I know because I am one of them! Okay, so maybe I’m not bursting at the seams with happiness at 5:00am, but I do like to rise early and be productive before the sun comes up. In contrast, night owls are awake late at night and even into the wee hours of the morning. Whether you are a part of the early morning or late night crew, reading can be woven into your schedule seamlessly. Find your ideal time by asking yourself, “At what time do I feel my best?” and “At what time do I feel the most stressed?” “At what time do I feel like reading?” Choose your time based on availability, but also consider your normal circadian rhythms, need for stress relief and your general desire to read.  

No matter where you find yourself reading, books are magical! Take a few minutes to disconnect and enjoy it!

Happy Reading!



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