Bookroo May Box: Mini Bookworms

Our family of four just received our first Bookroo box! This is a subscription box service for children that delivers two picture books that usually range from 32-40 pages. The books include bonus content like author’s notes and additional details that make the box extra special! Our little ones (we have two five year olds) enjoyed opening their new books and then we read them together. 

Our monthly box included the following books: “What A Wonderful World” by Tim Hopgood and “Somewhere Else” by Gus Gordon. Please check out the book details below!

Book: “What A Wonderful World”

Author: Tim Hopgood

Mini Bookworm Rating: 5/5 Stars 

“What A Wonderful World” is a picture book based on the song made famous by jazz singer Louis Armstrong. The book has fabulous artwork. Our kids delighted over the bright pictures and were able to read along with the simple words. After reading the book, we listened to the song and followed along with the lyrics by flipping through the pages of the book again. This book was a great addition to the box as it combines music, reading and art. We loved this one!

Book: “Somewhere Else”

Author: Gus Gordon

Mini Bookworm Rating: 4/5 Stars 

“Somewhere Else” is the story of George, a goose who never learned to fly because he was too busy baking up delicious pastries! When he meets a new friend, he is challenged to try something new. Will he ever fly away and enjoy traveling the world? 

This book was super cute as well and we loved the illustrations! The book included some hand drawn artwork along with some cool more modern looking computer graphics. This combination had our family taking on time through each page and really analyzing the pictures before pressing on. There were a few parts of the book that contained odd phrasing. The word choice in those sections just did not seem to flow well which made it a little more difficult to read aloud. However, the issue was minimal and we still loved the book! This book contained a lot of information that may be suited for slightly older kids. Things like places to travel and bigger vocabulary words made it a more advanced children’s book. We just used this as a platform for side discussions while reading and this enabled our kids to understand the more difficult concepts. 

Overall, we are super excited about our new Bookroo subscription! We’ll be sure to post our boxes each month so you can follow along on our journey! 

Happy Reading! 


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