Book Musing: Reading Routines

Hey everyone!

As an admitted type A person, I enjoy routines. Yes, I like doing new things and going different places… but there is something comforting about sinking into a familiar schedule. With the changes from COVID 19, routines have been more important than ever. Routines have allowed for a sense of normalcy, even when it is difficult to find. In regards to my daily activities, mornings are my absolute favorite time of day. In our home, mornings are quiet. They are a time of relaxation, comfort and most importantly, reading! 

Recently, I have made an effort to carve out some “me time” in the mornings and enjoy a good book. I find that by earmarking some time for myself, I am happier through out the day. Over the past few months, I have been following the schedule below and it seems to have put me in my “happy place” in regards to reading. 

5:00am- Wake up

5:30am- Run on the treadmill 

6:30am- Shower/Get Dressed 

7:00am- Coffee and reading on the outdoor porch

8:00am- Breakfast, Clean up and Prep for Day

9:00am- Homeschool starts (May the Force be with You!)

Occasionally, I change it up and do something different. However, most of my days start like this. It is such a wonderful way to get moving and as a result I have enjoyed several books recently! That dedicated hour of reading and coffee time really allows me to get lost in whatever book I’m reading and mentally rest before gearing up for the rest of my day.

No matter when you choose to read, don’t forget to customize your daily schedule to include literature. I promise you won’t regret it! 

Happy Reading! 


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