Morning Time: Reading, Peace and Coffee

Blogger's Note: Before Reading this post, please listen to the song "Peace Train" by Cat Stevens. This is what I was listening to when I crafted this post. In order to really get the morning vibes, I'd encourage you to enjoy the music while reading. Here's a link to the song: Cat Stevens "Peace Train"Morning … Continue reading Morning Time: Reading, Peace and Coffee

Book Musing: Reading Routines

Hey everyone!As an admitted type A person, I enjoy routines. Yes, I like doing new things and going different places... but there is something comforting about sinking into a familiar schedule. With the changes from COVID 19, routines have been more important than ever. Routines have allowed for a sense of normalcy, even when it … Continue reading Book Musing: Reading Routines

Café Moka: Coffee Spot

 Searching for a vacation java? Look no further! This quaint little coffee shop located in the Florida Keys is locally owned and the best spot for handcrafted espresso drinks in entire archipelago!With two locations to choose from, Café Moka provides visitors and locals alike a chance to stop and unwind with delicious pick me up. The two … Continue reading Café Moka: Coffee Spot

Currently Reading: Magnolia Table Vol. 2

During these days of quarantine, we've all been spending more time at home. One of the benefits of this forced break from society is more time spent together around the kitchen table. Our family has taken the "all hands" approach to cooking, and the laughter coming from our kitchen has never been more plentiful. Considering … Continue reading Currently Reading: Magnolia Table Vol. 2