Oasis Cafe- Coffee Spot


Any given morning around 7:00am, an influx of cyclists head to Oasis Cafe in Key Biscayne Florida. This local haven provides serious athletes and casual riders alike with a cozy spot to stop, refuel and enjoy a little cuban cafecito. Located just minutes away from downtown Miami, Oasis Cafe sells an assortment of latin snacks, breakfast items and sandwiches. The drink menu includes fresh juices, smoothies, sodas and of course their world famous coffee.

Una Colada is a Cuban style espresso served in the bigger cup which is traditionally shared by a group via the smaller cups.

Locals congregate here because the food and drinks are fast and affordable, but most importantly delicious! There’s ample seating outside for cyclists and pedestrians alike to sit and chat. The slogan from “Cheers” rings true here as cyclists pull up and offer morning salutations along with some good hearted banter and strong flavorful coffee.

“I like it that when I cycle up to Oasis, I’m likely to see someone that I know there.”

-Veronique Koch (Miami based Cyclist)

Oasis has created an outdoor seating space with athletic patrons in mind. Patio tables are covered with sun umbrellas and the area is lined with small trees and fans to give visitors a breezy place to sit and chat comfortably. Oasis also provides a water cooler outside to cater to the people exercising in the strong South Florida sun.

 My favorite go-to order at Oasis Cafe includes a pan de bono which is a type of cheese bun and a cortadito.

Insider tip: there’s a large display case inside filled with pastries, small snacks and handheld foods. If you’re with a group, don’t be afraid to take the plunge and order a few different types. Sharing food and coffee at an outside cafe table is part of the experience that draws so much love from this community.

The best pan de bono in South Florida! They offer plain and one with a guava filling.

If you’re ever in the Key Biscayne area, stop in, rent a bike and cycle your way down to Oasis to experience the camaraderie and joy of a colada shared amongst friends. Cheers!

Book Pairing with Oasis Cafe: “My World” Author: Peter Sagan (2018)


4 thoughts on “Oasis Cafe- Coffee Spot

  1. Sounds like my kind of place!! Seems like we have something in common….pan de bono and cordadito is my favorite

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