Café Moka: Coffee Spot


“Café Moka delivers a great cup of coffee in a relaxing, tropical space.”

Searching for a vacation java? Look no further! 

This quaint little coffee shop located in the Florida Keys is locally owned and the best spot for handcrafted espresso drinks in entire archipelago!

With two locations to choose from, Café Moka provides visitors and locals alike a chance to stop and unwind with delicious pick me up. The two spots provide completely different feels but are equally alluring to a customer in search of great coffee. The larger location in Tavernier is a more traditional style coffee house. The smaller and more bohemian location is on Islamorada. It is situated in Islamorada Square Village which is a small trendy garden styled co-op filled with vendors that include a plant shop, clothing boutique and outdoor rug vendor. Here, Café Moka is more of a small coffee bar with no inside seating. Rather, this is a location where you walk up, order your coffee and retire to an outdoor picnic table under the shade of a mature tropical tree. 

The coffee menu has the traditional espresso bar offerings with prices ranging from $2.50-$5.00. With alternative milks, a variety of flavors and items like chai and cold brew, Café Moka is a great option for coffee lovers in the Florida Keys. Looking for something to accompany your latte? Both of the locations have you covered with a variety of pastries. My favorites included a Nutella twist and a shortbread cookie. If you are visiting the Tavernier location, they have a larger menu with includes more pasteries, quiches and soups or salads.

If you are a frequent visitor or a local, you’ll know that the Florida Keys food industry scene is extremely limited when it comes to specialty coffee. Coffee lover don’t fret, Café Moka has you covered.


  • Have some extra time to unwind and want to be outside? Visit the Islamorada location.
  • Looking for a larger food menu to curb a craving while picking up your java, then head to the Tavernier location.
  • Don’t forget to try an almond croissant or Nutella Twist. Worth the extra calories! 


Happy Travels! 



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