Morning Time: Reading, Peace and Coffee

Blogger’s Note: Before Reading this post, please listen to the song “Peace Train” by Cat Stevens. This is what I was listening to when I crafted this post. In order to really get the morning vibes, I’d encourage you to enjoy the music while reading.

Here’s a link to the song: Cat Stevens “Peace Train”

Morning reading has become a staple for me.

In our busy household filled with kids and plenty of noise, the solace of early morning reading has become a welcome start to the day. There is something quite wonderful about the quiet.

Sitting outside in the wonderland that my multitalented landscaper husband has created, I enjoy listening to the soft background chorus of songbirds while perusing the pages of a new book. Sometimes I’ll just sit and watch the movement of birds from tree to tree. We enjoy a host of cardinals, blue jays, orioles, and red headed woodpeckers around our suburban neighborhood. 


I also love taking pictures in the early mornings. Usually of books but occasionally (as in the picture above) I’ll snap a few of my coffee mug and pair it with some thoughts for the day. Are we friends yet on Instagram? If we aren’t, here’s a link to my page if you’d like to check it out! Click Here! It’s a corner of the internet filled with all things books, coffee and bookish musings. 

I just wanted to take a moment to enjoy the morning and share the wonder that can occur before 9:00am. 

Happy and Peaceful Reading.

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