Back to the Library

Walking into the public library yesterday felt amazing! After a long two months with the COVID-19 closure, our local library has finally reopened! Over the past few weeks, our family has been using a lot of the library’s online resources to stay connected to literature. We have electronically checked out books, audio materials and accessed online classes, but something has been missing. 

Returning to the library felt like seeing an old friend again. The kids and I walked through the stacks with wide eyes and smiles covered with masks for safety. I’m not sure who was more excited to see the rows and rows of books. After spending a few hours in the nearly empty library, our family left with our hands and hearts filled with books! 

The library staff has done an amazing job to continue services throughout the shut down and are now working extremely hard to ensure a safe environment during the reopening phase. The library is such an important part of this community and we are so excited to see the doors open again!

Happy Reading! 

Blogger’s Note: Thank you to all of the MDPL employees- we appreciate everything you do! 


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