“The Honeybee” Mini Bookworm Review

Book: “The Honeybee” by Kirsten Hall and Isabelle Arsenault

Genre: Young Readers

Rating: 5/5 Stars

This book is a sure fire win for adults and children alike!

The story “The Honeybee” follows along on the adventures of a forager bee. The little bee visits a field of flowers, pollinates them and then travels back towards the hive to reveal the amazing events that occur there! 

This book is both entertaining and educational. The authors do a fantastic job of teaching readers about the ins and outs of being a bee. Concepts like types of bees, pollination, and honey creation are all covered in the book accompanied by bright and colorful illustrations! Don’t miss the last page of the book as it includes fascinating bonus content and additional ideas for how children and adults can save our bee population. 

Recommendations: Pick up this book and check out the back of the book prior to reading aloud. Choose a fun bee themed activity to do with your loved ones after enjoying the book to really get the most out of this amazing children’s story! 

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