“The Lion’s Den” Book Review

Book: “The Lion’s Den” by Katherine St. John

Genre: Thriller/Fiction

Rating: 4+/5 Stars

If this review could include sound, it would start with a “slow clap.” With all of the craziness that has accompanied 2020, I needed to escape into a good book… and this was it!

Katherine St. John has provided readers with the perfect juicy summertime read in the form of her novel, “The Lion’s Den.” The book tells the story of Belle who is a struggling actress/waitress just trying to get her big break. As a self-supported woman, Belle feels a little at odds with her friend Summer who recently has been dating a mega millionaire who happens to be decades older than her. When Summer invites Belle on a week long yacht cruise in the Mediterranean, Belle opts in thinking what could possibly go wrong. However, tensions on the boat start to rise when a series of lies and betrayals come to light. Soon things start to unravel and Belle is left wondering… is she really a prisoner on this yacht? Will she make it out of this trip alive?

This book is the quintessential beach read! It has a host of interesting and uniquely flawed characters that keep the storyline fresh and exciting. The author does a fabulous job of developing the plot without spoon feeding the reader, and as such the book will keep readers on the edge of their seats until the very end. Reading the novel feels like you are on a treasure hunt for clues to piece together, sporadic breakthroughs providing clarity and enabling progress towards the conclusion. The prose is simple and straightforward making “The Lion’s Den” a quick, fun and immersive read.

Recommendation: This one is a perfect vacation book if you’re looking to disconnect and escape for a while!

Blogger’s Note: Thank you to Grand Central Publishing and NetGalley for the free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

2 thoughts on ““The Lion’s Den” Book Review

  1. Read Lion’s Den yesterday on your previous recommendation. So glad I did. Totally enjoyable and entertaining. Had to read it all in a day!! Thanks for the recommendation!

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