Happy Book Birthday: “The Lion’s Den”

Book: “The Lion’s Den” by Katherine St. John 

Publication Date: 6/30/2020

Genre: Fiction/Suspense

Happy Book Birthday to “The Lion’s Den” by Katherine St. John!

“Belle likes to think herself immune to the dizzying effects of fabulous wealth. But when her best friend, Summer, invites her on a glamorous getaway to the Mediterranean aboard her billionaire boyfriend’s yacht, the only sensible answer is yes. Belle hopes the trip will be a much-needed break from her stalled acting career and uniquely humiliating waitressing job, but once she’s aboard the luxurious Lion’s Den, it soon becomes clear this jet-setting holiday is not as advertised.” (Amazon)

This new book is the perfect beach read! I’ve just started it a few days ago and I am rapidly cruising through it. Each time I put it down, I immediately want to pick it back up just to find out what happens. 

The featured characters are all flawed in ways that make them unique and interesting to read about. The prose is simple and clear which makes this story really fly. With twists and turns hidden among the pages, this book is sure to be a summer hit!

Recommendation: Looking to escape into a good book? This is the one! This fast paced novel would be ideal for hanging on the porch or beach reading.

Happy Reading!

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