Bookroo Board Book Box: Mini Bookworm Review

Box Contents: Three Children’s Board Books suggested for children 0-5 years old.

Genre: Children’s Literature

Box Rating: 5/5 Stars

Blogger’s Note: Thank you to Bookroo for providing me with this free box in exchange for an honest review.

This box came at the perfect time for our family! With COVID lingering and more time spent at home, our kids are burning through books. Luckily, this board book box arrived in the post and brought us three new stories to devour and share with our favorite cousins that live down the street! Each book features sturdy pages that will hold up to even the most mischievous little ones and fun colors that will draw the eye and stimulate the imagination. Individual book details are all shared below.

“Foodie Babies Wear Bibs” by Michelle Sinclair Colman

This book was such a cute and simple story detailing how babies can be “foodies.” With examples like dining al fresco and visiting the farmer’s market, this book gave me some major hipster vibes and I loved it! My kids enjoyed this one but were excited to move on to the others.

“More Than Balloons” by Lorna Crozier

“I love you” books are pretty standard in the realm of children’s literature but “More than Balloons” puts a new spin on the genre staple. The book features rhythmical prose which allows readers to flow through the lines. The repetitive structure will also enable younger readers to follow along and memorize their favorite lines. With glorious illustrations, this one is a sure fire win for children.

“Look at Me, I’m a Robot” by Sebastien Braun

This book was our family’s favorite from the entire box! The book is a fun look at different types of robots. It features addicting onomatopoeia that will inspire readers. Kids will also love that the book is shaped like a mask, so on each page they can hold up the book to their face and pretend to be the robot. Our family all took turns putting on the “mask” to the chorus of giggling children excitedly waiting their turn. The book is colorful, fun to read and will leave mini bookworms asking to read it over and over again!


When you read “More than Balloons” take the time to read this book slowly so that the beautiful illustrations can be truly appreciated. 

Try on the different robot masks in the book, “Look at Me, I’m a Robot.” Kids will love taking turns putting on their “robot” faces!

Happy Reading!

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