Upcoming Buddy Read: “You Had Me At Hola”

Book: “You Had Me At Hola” by Alexis Daria

Genre: Contemporary Romance 

Publication Date: August 4th 2020 from Avon Books

Instagram Buddy Read Details: See Below

I am super excited to be hosting my first Buddy Read! Don’t know what a buddy read is? No problem! Check out the explanation below. 

A “Buddy Read” is a group of people reading a book. The group has a discussion leader and a reading date is set to start the book. A reading schedule is posted prior to the start date and discussion questions are posted  regarding that section of the book.

“You Had Me At Hola” Buddy Read Schedule:


  • Buddy Read Starts
  • Read Chapter 1-15 by 9/4


  • Discussion One Covering Chapters 1-15
  • Start Reading Chapter 16-26


  • Discussion Two (Chapter 16-26)
  • Start Reading last section of the book


  • All Reading Completed
  • Whole Book Discussion and Reflection

Discussion Format:

All discussions will occur on Instagram using the group chat feature. Discussions will be on-going in addition to a weekly check in on Fridays. 

Want to Join the Buddy Read?

Click here and send a direct message to @literatureandlattesblog to be added into the group prior to the start date of the Buddy Read. (8/28/2020)

Please feel free to message me on Instagram with any questions! 

Happy Reading!




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