“Wolfpack: YRE Edition” Audiobook Review

Book: “Wolfpack: Young Readers Edition” by Abby Wambach

Genre: YA Self Help with hints of a memoir

Five Word Review: Motivational, Feminist, Transitional, Champion, Success

Rating: 5/5 Stars

Blogger’s Note: Thank you to MacMillan Audio for the free copy of this audiobook in exchange for an honest review!

As a former soccer player, my organic interest in this book should be made clear. I am an avid soccer fan. So imagine my excitement when I looked on my audiobook list and I found this gem!

Abby Wambach, former US Women’s National Team Captain has adapted her bestseller, “Wolfpack” and geared it towards the young adult audience. The book echoes the sentiments that were delivered in the original book as well as those that were delivered during her speech to the women of Barnard College that took the internet by storm.

“Wolfpack: YRE” is a book that would be meaningful for anyone but especially for young adults that are on the edge of adulthood. The book encourages readers volunteer, be kind, stand up for themselves and others. It focuses on leadership and how young people are born to move mountains. The book also includes strong hints of Wambach’s opinions on key societal issues like race, gender inequality and LBGTQ issues.

“The lessons of yesterday’s loss become the fuel for tomorrow’s win.”

Abby Wambach (Wolfpack: YRE)

In the book, Abby Wambach discusses her sentimental memories of the 1999 US Women’s National Teams. These snippets were highlights that elevate the book. There was a magic around those women, and Wambach was smart to include these sections within the book. The book plays on nostalgia to elicit an emotional response. Mission accomplished!

I really enjoyed that the author also included information from her personal life. I loved the section that tells young readers to celebrate successes, confront failures and praise others. She does this by sharing a personal anecdote and will leave readers with a tangible exercise that they can replicate in their own lives.

It is important to note: the audio version of this book is wonderful. Abby Wambach narrates her own work, which makes it transcendent. Readers (or listeners in this case) will feel like they are a young person listening to her speech. She narrates perfectly and her intonation and pacing is wonderful as one would expect since she authored the work.

This book is one that shouldn’t be missed! I highly recommend it for young adults and anyone looking for a quick motivational read that will leave you smiling and ready to take on the world.

Recommendations: This book would make an excellent graduation or birthday gift for young people.

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