“You Have A Match” Book Review

Book: “You Have A Match” by Emma Lord

Genre: Young Adult Fiction

Format: Audiobook

Rating: 4+/5 Stars

Blogger’s Note: Thank you to Macmillan Audio for the gifted copy of this audiobook in exchange for an honest review.

“You Have A Match” is a novel from Emma Lord that tells the story of Abby, a teenager who learns through a DNA service that she has a biological sister she never previously knew about. Without their parents knowing, Abby and her sister decide to attend the same summer camp and get to know each other away from prying eyes. Throw into the mix a love interest in the form of Leo, who is also one of Abby’s best friend… and you know there is going to be plenty of drama!

This audiobook hooked me from the beginning. The author creates such a relatable character in the form of Abby and readers can’t help but feel for the teen as she discovers long hidden secrets and deals with more traditional pubescent struggles like having a crush on her friend. The storyline is reminiscent of “The Parent Trap” but with present day twists including social media and some new age cultural commentary. The camp setting provided a fun backdrop for most of the novel. Reading this book definitely brought me back to my younger years as a camp counselor and had me fondly reminiscing as I was following along on Abby’s adventure.

 It reads as a true young adult novel in terms of the content. The material was appropriate and the writing was at the perfect level for teen readers. My one gripe about this book was that there was some profanity sprinkled throughout the book, but that is my personal reader preference as I prefer a cleaner approach to prose.

The narrator for this audiobook was outstanding and placed me (the reader) right in the middle of the action. Her inflection and tone was spot on and she portrayed the perfect angsty teenager in the form of our main character Abby. I was extremely impressed by the voice acting and was tremendously pleased with this audiobook overall.

Recommendations: Pick this audiobook up for a fun and easy listen with summer camp vibes!

Happy Reading!

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