“My Everything” Book Review

Book: “My Everything: The Parent I Want To Be, The Children I Hope to Raise” by Einat Nathan

Genre: Self-Help/Family

Rating: 4/5 Stars *Please see the footnote at the bottom of the post*

Blogger’s Note: Thank you to HB Social Club for the gifted copy of this book!

Parenting can be tricky. Any parent will tell you: it is both the hardest and the best job in the world. Children are challenging, exhausting, frustrating but they are also so wonderful that parents will often go to the ends of the earth for their kids. Unfortunately… kids aren’t born with a how-to handbook for Moms and Dads to read. With no standardized rules to follow, books like “My Everything” can be extremely helpful for parents trying to navigate through this difficult but rewarding space.

Hailing from the pen of an author who also works as a parenting expert and certified counselor, I went into the book trusting the information being provided but also feeling a bit skeptical like maybe most of the content would be psycho babble fluff.

I was pleasantly surprised that this book provided some short, relatable chapters with specific content that parents will be able to connect with and pull concrete advice from. Not every section will apply to every family, but the author does a phenomenal job of covering a wide range of topics within the parenting realm. Most adults raising kids will be able to find a couple golden nuggets of practical wisdom in here that they can apply to their daily lives. Some sections that I found particularly useful included: “How to Listen to Kids” and “Growing Through Anger.”

The all encompassing book provides parenting information throughout the different stages of childhood, from birth through the often troubling teenage years. The author does a great job of hitting the main hot topics within each growth stage. It is apparent that she has a thorough understanding of child development and her perspective is well rounded and clearly articulated.

Recommendations: If you’re into self-help and looking for a parenting book, this one is a great option. It takes a kinder approach to parenting and encourages listening skills and introspection that is positive for kids and parents alike!

Happy Reading!

Blogger’s Note: The rating for this book is based on literary skill and style versus content. Parenting is a completely subjective art form and thus cannot (and should not) be judged according to method.

PS: Wanna check out my favorite mommy blogger of all time? Click here! Her name is Cris and she is constantly sharing the most adorable pictures, practical advice and fun activities for little ones! She embodies a lot of the theories that I found helpful in this book!

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  1. Love your book reviews! They help me decide if I wanna read a book. Loving your book blog 🤩

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