“My Everything” Book Review

Book: "My Everything: The Parent I Want To Be, The Children I Hope to Raise" by Einat Nathan Genre: Self-Help/Family Rating: 4/5 Stars *Please see the footnote at the bottom of the post* Blogger's Note: Thank you to HB Social Club for the gifted copy of this book! Parenting can be tricky. Any parent will … Continue reading “My Everything” Book Review

Bookroo June Box: Mini Bookworm Review

Books: "Bunny Built" written by Michael Slack and "Summer Color" written by Diana Murray Box Rating: 5/5 Stars This month's Bookroo delivery was highly anticipated. After a hugely successful box last month, I couldn't wait to open the next one and get reading! I was worried that the first box may have been an outlier... perhaps it … Continue reading Bookroo June Box: Mini Bookworm Review

Book Mail: Vol. 1 Mother’s Day Edition

It is always exciting to look into the mailbox and see a package with your name on it! Since we've been staying home more than usual, I have been purchasing more books online and having them delivered rather than perusing our local bookstore. As a result, this past week there was a special delivery with … Continue reading Book Mail: Vol. 1 Mother’s Day Edition