Bookroo June Box: Mini Bookworm Review

Books: “Bunny Built” written by Michael Slack and “Summer Color” written by Diana Murray

Box Rating: 5/5 Stars

This month’s Bookroo delivery was highly anticipated. After a hugely successful box last month, I couldn’t wait to open the next one and get reading! I was worried that the first box may have been an outlier… perhaps it was just one good box. However… after this month’s package I feel confident that this is a service that our family will love for a long time to come! Check out the mini reviews below for each children’s story that came in the June box.

1. “Bunny Built” by Michael Slack

This book is a cute tale about a handy bunny who faces a shortage of carrots. With a little ingenuity, he might just be able to solve his problem and find the biggest carrot of them all!

This book was simply adorable. While LaRue the bunny is off on his quest to find his favorite food, he interacts with a variety of cute little creatures who unfortunately don’t have any carrots. The book features some awesome work equipment like different types of trucks, pulleys and other tools. Youngsters will love the beautiful illustrations and the bunny’s can-do attitude!

2. “Summer Color” by Diana Murray

This children’s story highlights the rainbow of colors that can be found on the perfect summer day! The book uses rhythmical prose and different colored text to really make those color words pop! The book is great for young children to listen to as well as for early readers working on color sight words! This book is the quintessential story for families working on learning colors or for young mind’s that are captivated by bright colorful illustrations! Our family loved this one and would highly recommend it!

All in all, the June Bookroo box was a huge success with our family and we couldn’t be more excited to see what comes next in the July box!

Blogger’s Note: If you are interested in getting a subscription for your family or giving a Bookroo gift, use the code LITERATUREANDLATTES at checkout for a 15% off discount!

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