“Accidentally Engaged” Book Review

Book: “Accidentally Engaged” by Farah Heron

Genre: Romance

Rating: 5/5 Stars

What happens when two attractive people, baking and a television show collide? Magic evidently! This new book from author Farah Heron, was a fabulously quick paced read that was entertaining and fun! The storyline follows Reena who’s an emerging young professional looking to make it in life. Things are a little tough at the moment though and she has a meddling family ready to step in and give her advice on business, love and family. Thankfully, Reena meets a charming man that moves in across the hall and is willing to help her achieve her dream of becoming a baker. However… when they need to fake an engagement and sparks start to fly, things are bound to get out of control.

This book has a clear romance plot line, but also delivers an excellent story filled with the complexity of family dynamics. The situations between Reena and Saira provided depth and meaning to the story more than what the typical romance novel might offer. I would have also loved to read more of Reena and her father’s story but I was satisfied with how that relationship was developed and explored.

In terms of the romance, it is hard not to love the idea of Nadim who is compared to one of the Avengers but then also tries his hand at bread baking to impress Reena. At times I wondered how realistic their interactions were but I was enjoying the storyline so much that I did not mind some exaggeration.

Overall this book was a win for me in the romance category. It can be so hard to deliver a great contemporary romance novel, but just like baking the perfect loaf of bread, this novel has all of the right ingredients to make up a culinary masterpiece!

Recommendation: This novel is perfect for romance readers or anyone who enjoys baking competition shows!

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