“The Siren” Book Review

Book: “The Siren” by Katherine St. John

Genre: Fiction/Suspense

Rating: 5/5 Stars

Blogger’s Note: Thank you to Grand Central Publishing for the gifted copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Content Warning: Drugs, Sexual Assault, Violence

“The Siren” by Katherine St. John is a story that takes place on a Caribbean Island where an all star movie cast has come together to film the next blockbuster hit. Three women working on the movie set arrive to the island, each with their own goal and motivation in mind. The story weaves together the events that occur during filming while exploring the past of key women. With a hurricane brewing nearby, these women are drawn together by fate but will have to face some dangerous situations and deceptions if they are to survive.

After her last book, “The Lion’s Den” Katherine St. John has proven that she certainly knows how to right a suspenseful and downright entertaining book. After reading chapter one from Taylor’s point of view, I was hooked immediately! The book is told from the perspectives of the three different women. Initially when the storyline moved away from Taylor, I felt a little disappointed. I wanted to learn more about her and follow her journey. However, after transitioning into Stella and then eventually into Felicity’s point of view, the story felt more well rounded. The multiple perspectives gave the book an added dimension and it felt as though reader’s were being given a behind the scenes glimpse into all of the main characters. I ended up loving this format and was interested in hearing from the different voices of the women.

My initial reaction to Taylor’s character stayed with me throughout the book. She was relatable, personable and I was cheering for her to succeed the entire time. Her interactions with Rick were dreamy but with a hint of realism that I appreciated. Her inner dialogue about him was intelligent even though she was clearly falling for him.

Stella and Felicity’s characters grew on me during the course of the novel. Katherine St. John did an excellent job developing the characters and providing some background details in flashback sections. It felt like all of the pieces came together nicely and the end result was a book with characters that jumped off the page and a fun, fast paced plot that kept me eager to see what happened next.

Recommendation: Pick this one up for a quick, entertaining read! This is escapism reading at it’s finest!

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