Abrams Dinner Party: Spring Edition!

Books: “Salad Freak” by Jess Damuck and “The Forest Feast Road Trip” by Erin Gleeson

Blogger’s Note: Thank you to Abrams Books for this gorgeous care package of gifted books!

Spring is finally here and that means a fresh take on all things, but especially in the kitchen! It is time for recipes that bring in the beauty of the season and take advantage of the early crops that this season has to offer! In that vein, Abrams Books has released the Spring 2022 cookbook lineup and it is chock full of amazing recipes, chef secrets and of course… beautiful food styling!

Both of these books feature some amazing food photography. There is an entire realm of photographers that are dedicated to capturing the wonder known as food and the ones that shot for these books must be some of the best. “Salad Freak” has pictures that show the unique crispness of fruits and vegetables and make all of these drool worthy recipes come to life in print. However, it must be said that “The Forest Feast” steals the show! Check out the details below on this inspiring cookbook which is by far my favorite of 2022 so far!

With a combination of photography, watercolor illustrations and beautifully designed text “The Forest Feast Road Trip” will certainly take readers on a journey that they will never want to end. This book is so much more than a collection of recipes! It has all of these sweet little notes from the author, tips and tricks for travel, lists of places to stay and how to truly enjoy the magic of natural California. This book seeps with hygge values and foods. These highlights add a special touch that elevates this book from great to spectacular. This book will engage the reader with sepia toned memories and nostalgia while also displaying nature’s awe inspiring colors. Author Erin Gleeson has created a once in a lifetime book that is so stunning it should be a display book but it is brimming with well loved memories and recipes that which will keep readers opening it and returning time and time again.

Recommendations: Pick up “The Forest Feast: Road Trip” as soon as possible and start with the Pumpkin Deviled Eggs! Yum!

Blogger’s Note: Stay tuned for more books from Abrams Dinner Party’s Spring Collection!

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