Morning Musings

Blogger’s Note: Thank you to Clarkson Potter and Well Enough for the gifted copy of this book.

It’s quiet outside. The only noise is the sound of the birds quietly chirping and occasionally the sound of the breeze drifting through the palm fronds. Peaceful and unhurried, the morning can be such a wonderful time of day.

I never knew I was a morning person but here I am. I’m up early while everyone else still slumbers, greeting the new day with a fresh cup of coffee and a renewed sense of happiness. There are plenty of things to do today: places to go and tasks to complete… but I think I’ll sit here for a while longer and enjoy the tranquillity that has been graciously bestowed.

Wherever you are: wishing you a blessed morning filled with a rejuvenating quiet space which you may fill with whatever sounds bring you joy.

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