Book of the Month Club

It finally happened. I joined the Book of the Month Club!

This monthly box subscription service allows participants to choose one hardcover book each month from a list of hand selected options. Each month the offered books change, but they include various genres and authors. Categories of books include debut authors, early release books, bestsellers and more! So you choose your book and it gets shipped right to your door! Each month for $14.99 you get to select a book from a range of five different options. What if you don’t like any of those five books? No problem, simply choose to skip the month at no cost to you. You can cancel at anytime as well. 

I opted to sign up for this service because I wanted to venture out of my book comfort zone a little more and pick up some new release books at a discount! Hardcovers usually range from $15.00- $25.00 so I figured this plan would be a good investment. 


So far I am loving this service! I have had it for two months and right now I am in the middle of my first BOTM pick. I’m reading “Beach Read” by Emily Henry and it is exactly what I had hoped this subscription service would be. I’ve learned about a new author and been able to access the book early since this title doesn’t get released fully until July. 

My pick for the Book of the Month for May is the book shown below, “The Knockout Queen.” Both titles so far have been easy choices from the five selections but there have been plenty of other tempting book options on the table. 

I’ve been impressed with the selections and the Book of the Month Community. I can’t wait to see what next month has in store! 

Recommendations: If you’re considering joining the Book of the Month Club, join by clicking here so that you can get a discount on your first box and you can see what books I have selected as well! 

Happy Reading! 

10 thoughts on “Book of the Month Club

  1. Beach Read is one I am looking forward to. Excited to see what you think of it!!

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